Twitter Resistance? What’s That?

Twitter: How a Silly Little Egg Hatched into a #Resistance Fighter.

Twitter. Four months ago, if you had asked me if I’d ever be a twithead I’d have said no way. Twitter was dumb, it was for teens, it was a waste of time. I didn’t understand it, and I didn’t want to. I was happy enough in my little bubble on Facebook. I could hide from my post-election depression.

Then came Inauguration Day. Followed by the Women’s March. I’d see things re-posted on FB about 45 and what he was doing. One of them was the gag order on NPS. Suddenly things felt real. Real scary. I heard about the sudden uprise of Alt& Rogue accounts on Twitter, and became inspired. I wanted to be awake, and informed.

End of January I signed up, just another silly little egg, with zero followers. I quickly tagged every alt& rogue govt dept I could find. I tagged celebs from shows& movies I enjoyed. I scanned all the news in my feed, absorbing more politics than I ever thought possible. Still, I felt powerless watching what was happening to my country and our freedoms.

Somewhere in the mess of alt& rogue accts, I was reading a thread, and came across a screen name -1st Officer Spock(now known as @1ironman2020). Made me laugh for a sec, hell even Starfleet was on twitter, fighting& resisting. I followed, and looked at his followers list. I tagged every fictional character I could find. It was like an avalanche. I started RTing and even posting my own comments, and people started listening. I realized I had a voice, and I wasn’t alone.

A few days after I started following the Starfleet/Rebel Alliance crowd(#SVRAV), the was a followback party. I sent Spock a DM, explaining I was new to twitter(I didn’t even know what a DM was as I was doing it), but wanted to become more involved in #TheResistance. He and the rest welcomed me as I gave my profile a makeover and Agent Carter went from fighting Nazis, HYDRA and the glass ceiling to fighting….. well ok, the song’s the same, only the names have changed.

I learned a lot in just a short time. How to thread, make memes, what a CTA is. I’ve learned there are so many ways to contact a rep, how to look up a bill, the difference between reputable and fake news sources. I’ve discovered how to network locally, various activist groups I never knew existed, and signed more petitions in the last few months than in my entire life. Don’t even get me started on the amount of high school govt 101 that I’m re-learning.

I’ve developed friendships and a sense of community. When one is having a bad day -we’re all there. When someone has an issue that’s dear to them, we all spring into action. We celebrate our victories, and rally together to come back stronger after setbacks. Hell, they’ve even encouraged me to return to writing after an extended absence. I don’t think I could #Resist without them.

So this little post is simply a Thank You to all the #Resistance family. Agent Carter wouldn’t exist without you all.

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