S1E5 Agent of Resistance

The New Recruit


Loc: NYC SAFEHOUSE Maddison/59th

Steve: So, Maggie, what brought you to the Resistance?

Peggy: This fight is everyone’s fight. I heard the call, and I answered it. I couldn’t let this country be dragged backwards after all the progress made over the last century. What made you join?

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S1E4 Agent of Resistance

Secret Soldier


[Palace Security Footage 08162016]

Loc: Palace of King T’Challa, Wakanda

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Nat: You’re still a terrible liar, Steve.

Steve: <sighs> What do you want me to say, Natasha? That I’m lost? That every time I feel like I’ve found something- a home, a family, a purpose, it all comes crashing down?

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S1E3 Agent of Resistance

Peg’s First Month


Loc: NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th

Coulson:<shaking Peg’s hand enthusiastically> Um, I’m Director Phil Coulson. I’ve studied your entire history. This is Agent Daisy Johnson. She’ll be handling your crash course on 21st-century tech. I work with Director Fury, managing the growing number of Resistance members from ‘out of town’ as he likes to put it.

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S1E1 Agent of Resistance

The Long, Short Trip

 One week after inauguration…..


Loc: NYC SAFEHOUSE Madison/59th

Fury: That dumb-ass motherfucker is ALREADY making a fool of himself. We need to step in. After he put the gag order on National Park Service, I’ve gotten calls from agents in every government department out there. They’re setting up alt & rogue govt accounts to show solidarity and keep information flowing to the public. While I can’t prove it yet, I’ve got an itch that says HYDRA had a hand in putting that idiot in office. He’s too dumb to have managed it without help.

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“What If” Agents of Shield holds up a twisted mirror of what we could become.


You don’t have to watch every episode of AoS to understand ‘What If’.  Suffice to say, the team gets stuck in a VR/Matrixesque world, where events have turned everything on it’s ear. Mistakes were made, events happened, SHIELD has fallen, and HYDRA is out in the open, ‘protecting’ the USA now. All it cost us was our freedom. Continue reading

Raised to #Resist

Raised to #Resist: Inspired by Sci-Fi, a Generation Grows Up Learning to Fight For a Better World.

It didn’t necessarily start with Star Trek. I’m sure people will find earlier instances, but Star Trek always seems to be the go-to for ‘hope for a better future’ in TV. We all know Gene Roddenberry’s dream for peace and inclusivity. A crew with no bias -gender, race, ethnicity, even aliens were welcome. Nobody asked for Spock’s green card. No one dared to tell Uhura to go make a sandwich. McCoy never asked for insurance cards. We watched, and we learned that Humanity had the potential for great things once we learned to work together.  Continue reading