The White House asked to hear how ObamaCare has impacted people, I shared my simple story…..

How has ObamaCare impacted me? This is MY story, and the story of many.

With the introduction of Obamacare, my children and I were finally qualified for coverage under the Medicaid expansion. It was such a relief to be able to take my boys for well care visits, keep their immunizations up to date, and not have to worry about affording care for them in emergencies.

I was finally able to take care of my own health needs as well. I could see a doctor, take time off of work and afford meds for sinus infections instead of going to work& suffering while sharing the sickness with the rest of my restaurant staff& customers. I was able to get treatment for carpal tunnel symptoms before the condition became severe enough for surgery. Flu shots, pap smears, and mammograms were all preventative procedures that I could afford.

As a victim of domestic abuse, I was able to reach out to the local mental health center, receiving counseling and medication to help with the resulting PTSD and anxiety. I was even able to start a smoking cessation program, much to the happiness of my children and parents.

My father was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and had to have one removed. With the help of ObamaCare, he was able to focus on recovery, not excessive medical bills. Without coverage, he would not have been able to afford the surgery, and would have been dead in less than a year. Now he has been cancer free for 3years, but still has health issues that require checkups every few months. He will be seventy this month -the same age as President Trump.

I am eternally grateful to President Obama for setting up ObamaCare and helping to ensure that those that need health coverage get that help. My story is one of millions, and I fear for those of us who will suffer if the ACA is repealed. Please, hear our voice, hear our stories, and help Keep America Healthy.

Share how ObamaCare and ACA have affected you here:

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