Agent of Resistance: Prelude

The Wager

[Heart of the Cosmos, a gathering of the Elders of the Universe]

Grandmaster: Taneleer, I know they GAVE it to you, but we can’t start a proper GAME until all the pieces are on the board. We’ll put it someplace neutral. <waves a hand at a giant game board representing the planet Earth>

Collector: That only puts half the stones on the board, En Dwi. It seems unwise to give up a prize I’ve been freely given, on a gamble to acquire the rest. 

Grandmaster: The other stones will find their way into the gambit. They’re drawn to each other. Are you having second thoughts about the ability of your pawns to succeed? We’ve already set the terms. They can only use what tools and allies they can find on their planet. If you win, your collection of Infinity Stones will be complete, as well as any unique items or personages you might choose to add to your collection. If I win, the entire planet becomes my next Battle Arena, and all the inhabitants are mine. Including any remaining Champions on the board. 

Collector: Anything unique on the planet? <Grandmaster nods> And what of these portals?

Grandmaster: There will be no interference allowed on either side. <looks over his shoulder to the rest of the Elders> Or the Audience! The portals will be a fun little randomizer if you will. Anything or anyone from any part of the multiverse could pop out and aid one side or the other. Who knows, some things may not side with either, serving only their own interests! <claps happily> How exciting! This will be even better than watching Mojoverse!

The Champion: <another Elder steps forward, a blue skinned behemoth, massive muscles rippling with every move, as if they had a mind of their own, the desire to battle their only thought> Why do we bother with this? I’ll go down and fight their puny champions. None can stand in a bout against me! I want something to FIGHT!

Grandmaster: <putting a hand on his shoulder> Now, Tryco, we all know none could best you in a fight. The point is to watch others battle for our entertainment, and wagering.

The Champion: <huffs, his muscles still twisting and writhing as he reluctantly sits down> They’d best be worthy.

<The Collector sighs, the red Aether winks out of his hand, a flash appears momentarily somewhere on the board>

Grandmaster: <smiling broadly, turning from the board to the rest of the Eternals of the Universe> This should be quite the entertaining show! Let the GAME begin!

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